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When I got out of bed this morning, literally the first thing I checked for on my home screen was a new message from E or Darlene.At roughly halfway through the adventure, I can say it has me fully engaged.

In some cases, individuals text you that you have no information about whatsoever, and there are points where you’re put in a real bind as to whether to “trust” them enough to divulge a little info so you can get the help or resources you need.

You receive a variety of texts throughout the day from various characters that play a role in this larger narrative you inadvertently became a part of when you picked up Darlene’s lost phone.

Sometimes hours pass between texts; sometimes only minutes or seconds.

In the first few moments of the game, the phone appears to be reformatting itself and restarts like a factory-fresh device would.

You are required to set up the E Corp messaging app, entering a username and fingerprint for login.