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, the series will follow one man on his quest for love, but there's a catch.
I thoroughly recommend this book, both for its thought-provoking essays and to see a wonderful example of what comics as a medium can do.

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The additive FM-9, a long chain chemical polymer, when blended with Jet-A fuel, had previously been shown to inhibit ignition and flame propagation of the released fuel in simulated impact tests.The plane was also set up for a host of other impact-survivability experiments, including new seat designs, flight data recorders, galley and stowage-bin attachments, cabin fire-proof materials, and burn-resistant windows.The unusual craft was released by a mother ship 800-1,000 feet (245-305 m) in the air.Following this its wings were inflated using a burst of nitrogen oxide from a container on board.The fire and smoke from the resulting crash took over an hour to extinguish.This video from 2003 shows the early development of large-winged solar planes.

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This image shows a still from a test video of a Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV).The solar-powered craft was constructed mostly of composite materials such as carbon fibre, graphite epoxy, Kevlar®, styrofoam, and a thin, transparent plastic skin.The main tubular wing spar was made of carbon fibre, and was thicker on the top and bottom to absorb the constant bending motions that occur during flight.The light and inexpensive craft was designed to test aircraft body shape and learn how more lift could be generated through aerodynamics.'On the Hyper III's only flight, it was towed aloft attached to a Navy SH-3 helicopter by a 400-foot cable,' Nasa said.As part of the new set of You Tube clips, Nasa shows test flight footage of a Hyper III.Earlier this year, Nasa announced ambitious plans to launch a probe mission directly into the atmosphere of the sun in a world first.