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From the 1970s until now, there have been 162 deaths of queer female characters on TV, out of around 380 queer female characters altogether. Many say that these characters were killed off for so-calledshock value, but the thing is, it’s not so shocking anymore. According to an article in , which studied queer women in fiction, 35% of shows have dead lesbian/bi female characters, and 84% of shows don’t give lesbian/bi female characters happy endings.We constantly see ourselves dying, being written off, or being heartbroken.We see too much of white, cisgender, and straight characters on TV, when what we need to see are characters of color, transgender and nonbinary characters, and queer characters.It just might help those struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.While TV networks might pat themselves on the back for being progressive enough to include queer characters, all that progressiveness goes out the window when the writers and showrunners decide that they’ve had enough.

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Yet, turn on a TV and you will see lesbians dying left and right.

When we look at our favorite queer women characters, they’re either getting shot by a stray bullet (). It’s obvious that some queer characters will die, but the rate at which writers have been killing them off compared to straight characters is appalling. A shocking thing would be to have a queer female character be alive, happy, and in a healthy relationship, but that doesn’t seem to be happening in TV at all.