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There are two main theories for how the smallpox virus first reached the Stó:lō in late 1782.The first is that the disease came up from Mexico spreading with overland travelers, the second and more likely theory is that it was brought to the coast through trade routes with Europeans.Contemporary Stó:lō elders describe their connection to the land in the statement "we have always been here." They tell of their arrival in S'ólh Téméxw as either Tel Swayel ("sky-born" people) or as "Tel Temexw" ("earth-born people) and through the subsequent transformations of ancestral animals and fish such as the beaver, mountain goat, and sturgeon.Xexá:ls (transformers) fixed the world ("made it right") and the people and animals in it, creating the present landscape.This period extends from 3,000 years ago to first contact with European people.New forms of ground stone technology, including slate knives, slate points, hand mauls, nephrite chisels, and nephrite adzes, are evidence of an increasingly specialized society evolving during this period.

This has come to be used for the ancient village site that has been excavated in the surrounding field.

One method was gathering around the sick person’s bed to sing and pray. Other practices included cleansing sweats and cold morning baths which would have shocked the infected person’s body causing more harm.

Those who survived were affected with blindness and other permanent disabilities making hunting and other activities difficult.

The early inhabitants of the area were highly mobile hunter-gatherers.

There is archeological evidence of a settlement in the lower Fraser Canyon (called "the Milliken site") and a seasonal encampment ("the Glenrose Cannery site") near the mouth of the Fraser River.