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Closed, proprietary software can put you in prison or even on death row. The reliability of proprietary software producing a DNA match, for example, cannot be challenged.) convicted with jails where we wouldn't put a dog, and we have a system that should give us the same kind of torment that our justice system inflicts on its prisoners.

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As we really dive into a relationship with God, it’s important to stay focused.

Falling in love with Jordan was pretty easy because I knew where he stood.Jordan pursued me because he knew what his intentions and desires were. It left me to decide if I wanted to play a game or get to know him better.Clear intentions are so attractive in a man but are also equally important for a woman to express too. When I first started dating Jordan, I told him I didn’t want to go to church together or pray together.Photo Credit: Jessica Whitaker There is a lot of hoopla out there on Christian dating advice.Some of it is biblical, some of it is cultural, and other bits of it I don’t know where it actually came from.Initially, this was my way of guarding my heart and focusing my attention on seeking God above all else.