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The place seems to come alive when the Kop, the stadium's most vocal stand, bellows out "You'll Never Walk Alone" - especially on European nights.

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AS107 ECSNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS108 XEROX-AS - Xerox Corporation AS109 CISCO-EU-109 Cisco Systems Global ASN - ARIN Assigned AS110 XAIT-AS - Xerox Advanced Information Technology AS111 BOSTONU-AS - Boston University AS112 ROOTSERV Root Server Technical Operations Assn AS113 SCCNET-AS - Space Communications Company AS114 NTTA-114 - NTT America, Inc. AS208 DNIC-AS-00208 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS209 ASN-QWEST-US NOVARTIS-DMZ-USAS210 WEST-NET-WEST - Utah Education Network AS211 RADC-LONS-GW-AS - Rome Air Development Center AS212 HQAFSC-LONS-GW-AS - Headquarters, Air Force Systems Command AS213 DNIC-AS-00213 - Headquarters, USAISCAS214 DNIC-AS-00214 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS215 DNIC-AS-00215 - Headquarters, USAISCAS216 LMSC-HOSTNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS217 UMN-AGS-NET-AS - University of Minnesota AS218 AFOTECPCNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS219 DNIC-AS-00219 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS220 OOALC-HOSTNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS221 WRALC-HOSTNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS222 SMALC-HOSTNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS223 TISW-AS - Sparta, Inc. Net AS268 USUHSNET-AS - Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences AS269 INCSYS-AS - Incremental Systems Corporation AS270 PSCNI-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS271 BCNET-AS - BCnet AS272 CTNOSC-ASN-272 - Headquarters, USAISCAS273 DNIC-AS-00273 - Do D Network Information Center AS274 AINET-AS274 - Advanced Information Technology Services, LLCAS275 NTTA-275 - NTT America, Inc. AS525 CTNOSC-525-AS - Headquarters, USAISCAS526 DNIC-AS-00526 - Headquarters, USAISCAS527 DNIC-AS-00527 - Do D Network Information Center AS528 AUGSBURG-GW1-AS CDOIM Augsburg AS529 BURTONWOOD-GW1-AS CDOIM Burtonwood Information Center AS530 DNIC-AS-00530 - Headquarters, USAISCAS531 DNIC-AS-00531 - Headquarters, USAISCAS532 DNIC-AS-00532 - Do D Network Information Center AS533 DNIC-AS-00533 - Headquarters, USAISCAS534 DNIC-AS-00534 - Headquarters, USAISCAS535 DNIC-AS-00535 - Headquarters, USAISCAS536 DNIC-AS-00536 - Headquarters, USAISCAS537 DNIC-AS-00537 - Headquarters, USAISCAS538 DNIC-AS-00538 - Headquarters, USAISCAS539 DNIC-AS-00539 - Headquarters, USAISCAS540 DNIC-AS-00540 - Do D Network Information Center AS541 IGAUTON - Intelligenetics Inc. AS813 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS4982 JAZZIE - Jazzie Systems AS4983 INTEL-SC-AS - Intel Corporation AS4984 INGRESS - Ingress Communications, Inc. HAS5404 CONOVA-AS ASN conova communications Gmb HAS5405 CSO_NET CSO. AS5534 BT Communications Ireland Limited AS5535 Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations AS5536 INTERNET-EGYPT Internet Egypt Network AS5537 GARANT-PARK-TELECOM Garant-Park-Telecom, Ltd AS5538 SIGMANET-NIC Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Latvia AS5539 SPACENET Space NET AGAS5540 The Israel Electric Corporation Limited AS5541 ADNET-TELECOM SC AD NET MARKET MEDIA SRLAS5542 Ort Israel AS5543 RIA-AVERS-AS JSC Volgatranstelecom AS5544 UCNC UCNC Networks AS5545 Vyat Reg Net AS5547 ORTEL-AS Orient-Telecom ASAS5548 MIIT-RZD-AS State Educational Institution of higher professional education Moscow State University of Railway Engineering AS5549 SEICOM-AS SEICOM-EXTERNAS5550 TASK-AS Technical University of Gdansk, Academic Computer Center TASKAS5551 CORINET Cable & Wireless UK P. AS5555 SOHONETEU-AS Sohonet Limited AS5559 Saltmine Creative AS5560 MTN-ICS Belgacom International Carrier Services SAAS5562 INTERHOUSE-FRANKFURT TELECITYGROUP INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDAS5563 URAL CJSC Ural WESAS5564 SOL-AS Brightsolid Ltd AS5565 SATRAX-NET Ltd. AS5635 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - Glaxo Smith Kline AS5636 LISTING - Net Work Access AS5637 SAF-HOLLAND - SAF HOLLAND INC. S./BASENet AS5657 NOVAIAC-ASN - FC Business Systems AS5658 CCE-NET - Coca-Cola Enterprises AS5659 VIVANET - Vivanet Inc.

AS115 DNIC-AS-00115 - Do D Network Information Center AS116 TELCORDIA - Telcordia Technologies AS117 ALBM-NET-AS - Lockheed Austin Division AS118 DNIC-AS-00118 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS119 AMS-AS - American Mathematical Society AS120 MITRE-OMAHA - The MITRE Corporation AS121 DNIC-AS-00121 - Do D Network Information Center AS122 U-PGH-NET-AS - UPMCAS123 LOGAIRCOMNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS124 DNIC-AS-00124 - Do D Network Information Center AS125 HI-NET-AS - Honeywell International, Inc. AS186 CUA-AS - The Catholic University of America AS187 DNSCAST-AS - DNScast AS188 SAIC-AS - Science Applications International Corporation AS189 LVLT-189 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS224 UNINETT UNINETT, The Norwegian University & Research Network AS225 VIRGINIA-AS - University of Virginia AS226 LOS-NETTOS-AS - Los Nettos AS227 DNIC-AS-00227 - Headquarters, USAISCAS228 DNIC-AS-00228 - Do D Network Information Center AS229 MERIT-AS-6 - Merit Network Inc. AS276 OTS-AS-276 - University of Texas System AS277 CSC-300-AS277 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS278 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico AS279 LVLT-279 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS542 ARNET - Alberta Research Council AS543 HP-POLYCOM - Hewlett-Packard Company AS544 SONERA-FUNET-TRANSIT Sonera Corporation AS545 NRI - Corporation for National Research Initiatives AS546 SPARTA-AS - Sparta, Inc. AS693 NOTRE-DAME-AS - University of Notre Dame AS694 DNIC-AS-00694 - Headquarters, USAISCAS695 SWITCH-TEST1 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS696 SWITCH-TEST2 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS697 Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung AS698 ASN-UIUC-REGION-AS - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign AS699 KNBE - KANOBE INCAS700 ROKNET-AS - Rockwell International Systems AS701 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS814 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4985 PGWORKS - PHILADELPHIA GAS WORKSAS4986 INTERSTAR - Inter Star Network Services, Inc. AS5006 ZAYOMN1 - Onvoy AS5007 COMPUTOPIA - Computopia AS5008 BRADSHAW-RICHARDSON-TX-US-01 - Bradshaw AS5009 ADVTEL - EATELAS5010 KISNET-1 - KISNET Corporation AS5011 EMTF-AVI - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5012 EMTF-AZO - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5013 EMTF-IZM - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5014 EMTF-INC - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5015 SHOUTING - Shouting Ground Technologies AS5016 BRAGG-NEC - Headquarters, USAISCAS5017 CITICTEL-CPC-AS5017 CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited AS5018 CITICTEL-CPC-AS5018 CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited AS5019 DATACOM-GATE - Inter Sec, Inc. Net AS5406 BNIXAS5407 SKYNET-CZ Sky Net AS5408 GR-NET Greek Research and Technology Network S. AS5528 ANADANA-AS SIA Ana Dana AS5529 DIAG-AS DIAG Dienstleistungen AGAS5530 EDS-GROUP-AS "Commercial House Inter Trading Plus" LTDAS5531 TEZTOUR-AS "Tez Tour", Ltd. AS5533 CLARANET-PT Claranet Portugal Telecomunicacoes S. AS5566 COSMOSAS5567 AS5567 National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University AS5568 RBNET ROSNIIROS Russian Institute for Public Networks AS5569 Posten AB, ITAS5570 UKNET-AS UK Network Services AS5571 NETCOM MDNX Enterprise Services Limited AS5572 BOTIK Botik Technologies Ltd. AS5622 Thomson Corporation Switzerland AGAS5623 ATT-EMEA Autonomous System AS5624 CSC Danmark A/SAS5626 ONI ONITELECOM - Infocomunicacoes S. AS5627 WWL Internet Gmb H Stuttgart AS5628 EUROTEL-SK Slovak Telecom, a. AS5629 GRAL GRAL's AS Number AS5630 AS_AWL-DE Atos Worldline SASAS5631 VITAL-GROUP VITAL-GROUP UK Network AS5632 CRONOS-CAPITAL - Cronos AS5633 Internet Online S. AS5638 BREWER-SCIENCE - Brewer Science AS5639 Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago AS5640 NCSA-VBNS-EX - National Center for Supercomputing Applications AS5641 DATAPOINTINC-5641 - Data Point AS5642 ASHDOWN-TECH - Ashdown Technologies, Inc. AS5660 JCI-NET - Johnson Control AS5661 USF - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDAAS5662 ASN-TBS-1 - Turner Broadcasting AS5663 EDCNET - US Geological Survery AS5664 SHERIDAN-NET - Sheridan College AS5665 DELMARVA-ASN - Delmarva Power & Light Company AS5666 NET-CPRK - Harris Cap Rock Communications, Inc. AS7158 NETFEED-AS - Net Ex Online Services AS7159 NTTCNET - New Trier Technology Cooperative AS7160 NETDYNAMICS - Oracle Corporation AS7161 QWEST-AS-7161 - Qwest Corporation AS7162 Universo Online S. AS7163 NYLI-AS - New York Life Insurance AS7164 LIPS-AS - Local IP Service, Inc. AS7166 C-ECOMM - C-E Communications AS7167 Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones AS7168 WB-DEN3 - Viasat Communications Inc.

AS1332 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6061 ANTHION-MANAGEMENT - Anthion Management, LLCAS6062 NETPLEX - NETPLEXAS6063 Internet Corporativo, S. AS6129 247REALMEDIA-NEWYORK - 24/7 Real Media, Inc. AS6131 HOSP-INFO-NET - Hospitality Information Networks, Inc. AS6136 NWRAINET - NW, Inc AS6137 SISNA - SISNA, Inc. AS6139 SAUDI - Washington Coordinating Center AS6140 TWO-P - Two PAS6141 GRINNELL-MUTUAL-REINSURANCE-COMPANY - Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company AS6142 SUN-JAVA - Sun Microsystems, Inc AS6143 STARKBRO - Stark Brothers Fulfillment AS6144 SOUND-ADVICE-LTD - Sound Advice Limited AS6145 3TIER-SEA - 3TIER Inc, 3TIERAS6146 ZUORA - Zuora, Inc AS6147 Telefonica del Peru S. AS6153 ASN-SPRN-NYSERNET - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6154 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET5 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6155 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET6 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6156 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET7 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6157 SPRINTLINK-HOSTING - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6158 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET9 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS6159 TWAVE - Greer Educational Resources, Inc. AS6161 COMCAST-6161 - Comcast Cable Communications AS6162 ISI-ISP - Integration Specialists, Inc. AS6174 SPRINTLINK8 - Sprint AS6175 SPRINTLINK9 - Sprint AS6176 SPRINTLINK10 - Sprint AS6177 SPRINTLINK11 - Sprint AS6178 INLINK - INLINKAS6179 WESTWOOD - Westwood Studios AS6180 NIS-CTAS6181 FUSE-NET - Cincinnati Bell Telephone AS6182 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-4 - Microsoft Corporation AS6183 MARKET-FACTS - Synovate, Inc. AS6204 PARK-5 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6205 PARK-2 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6206 PARK-3 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6207 PARK-4 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6208 PARK-1 - Internet Multicasting Service AS6209 NFL2 - National Football League AS6210 NFL1 - National Football League AS6211 SPRNTDATANET - Sprint Communications Corp. AS6215 AS-ALTO-EXT1 - ALTOAS6216 IV-AS - Intellectual Ventures Management, LLCAS6217 ANS-AXISNET - Axis. AS6221 USCYBERSITES - US Cybersites, Inc AS6222 EMBARQ-CLTN - Embarq Corporation AS6223 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Company, LLCAS6224 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Company, LLCAS6225 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Company, LLCAS6226 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Company, LLCAS6227 QWEST-ASNBLK-2 - Qwest Communications Company, LLCAS6228 BSDI-ASN - BSDI (Berkeley Software Design, Inc)AS6229 NETVOYAGE - Digital Design (NETVOYAGE-DOM)AS6230 GANET - Global Access Network AS6231 SCANA - SCANA Corporation AS6232 WINS - Iowa Network Services (INS)AS6233 NETRUS - Netrus AS6234 ETAK-NET2 - Etak, Inc. AS6278 NOC-BB - Moran Communications Group AS6279 BTN-TWO - Beyond The Network America, Inc. AS6289 AHM-CORP - American Honda Motor Corporation AS6290 ALASCOM - AT&T Alascom, Inc. AS6375 XROADS - Crossroads Communications AS6376 BRODER207 - Broderbund Software AS6377 4JNET - Eugene School District 4JAS6378 NWNT - Northwest Networks AS6379 ALINK - A-Link Network Services, Inc. AS6674 NATIONAL-BANK-OF-GREECE NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE S. AS6675 COLT-FRANCE-AS COLT Technology Services Group Limited AS6676 Network-i Limited AS6677 ICENET-AS1 Siminn hf AS6678 ASN-NOOS NC Numericable S. AS6679 SKADI-AS Skadi Telecom CJSCAS6681 UPLOAD-NET Private Person Lemets Vitaliy Volodimirovich AS6682 GNC-ALFA GNC-ALFA CJSCAS6684 RTCOMM-SIBIR-NOVOKUZNETSK-AS CJSC "RTComm-Sibir" Novokuznetsk City Autonomous System AS6685 BTRADIANZFRANKFURT BT Public Internet Service AS6686 ATT-GCH-VOI-SF-AS AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B. AS6687 KDO-AS Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Oldenburg AS6688 ATT-GCH-VOI-LA-AS AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B. AS6689 DEPOTELECOM Depo Telecom Ltd AS6690 WEBPLUS-AS Web Plus ZAOAS6691 ASN-BNL Banca Nazionale del Lavoro AS6692 NOVOPLAT OOO Sovremennye Platejnye Sistemy AS6693 UNIBUC University of Bucharest AS6694 RTSNET-AS Nonprofit Partnership for the Development of Financial Market RTSAS6695 DECIX-AS DE-CIX Management Gmb HAS6696 IONIP Online Internet nv/sa AS6697 BELPAK-AS Republican Unitary Telecommunication Enterprise Beltelecom AS6698 ARCHERNET SPD Solomaha Yuriy Vladimirovich AS6699 URAN-AS Institute of Mathematic and Mechanic of Ural Department of Russian Science Academy AS6700 BEOTEL-AS Beotel Net-ISP d.o.o AS6701 ETF Elektrotehnicki fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu AS6702 APEXNCC-AS Science Production Company "Trifle" Ltd. AS6709 BGNETT Data Guard ASAS6710 EUMETSAT-AS EUMETSATAS6711 HUNGARNET-SZEGED University of Szeged AS6712 FORMAT-TV-AS MSP Format Ltd. AS6727 EASYNET-FRANCE Easynet Global Services Limited AS6728 NILDRAM PIPEX Communications (Nildram)AS6730 SUNRISE Sunrise Communications AGAS6731 COMSTAR-AS MTS OJSCAS6732 CYBERLINK-TRANSIT Cyberlink AGAS6733 DIMDI DIMDI Deutsches Institut fuer medizinische Dokumentation und Information AS6734 ASN-SPIN Spin s.r.l. AS6779 ICLNET-AS Fujitsu ASAS6780 LFV-SE Luftfartsverket Sverige AS6781 Telecom Finland Oy AS6782 BDNET AS for the county net in Norrbotten Sweden AS6784 MOL Nyrt. AS7001 YSAL-MEZZEMI - Mezzemi AS7002 Mexico Communicates, S. AS7003 VIRTUALENTERPRISES-AS - Advanced Systems Group AS7004 CTC Transmisiones Regionales S. AS7005 Inter Server SAAS7006 CYBERNEX - Cybernex Inc. AS7479 KDDHK-AS-AP KDD HONG KONG LIMITEDAS7480 TIMENET-AS Timenet International Corp.

AS1333 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6132 INGRESSNET - Ingress Enterprises, Inc w/ Ingress Communications, Inc. AS6163 ERX-MOZCOM-NETWRK Mosaic Communications Inc. AS6212 IGC-DC-AS - Institute for Global Communications AS6213 GETONTHENET - On The. AS6235 SMG-NJ - SUMMIT MEDICAL GROUPAS6236 BBCON - Business & Banking Concepts AS6237 WEBBED - Webbed Communications AS6238 DPSC-AS - Dept. AS6244 SWIEC - Swieca Holdings, LLCAS6245 NETWORK-SOLUTIONS - Inter NIC Registration Services AS6246 AVALONTEL - Avalon Tel AS6247 SPANIT - SPAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Inc. AS6249 RCN-AS3 - RCNAS6250 NEONOVA-NET - Neonova Network Services AS6251 PSNET - UCLA Physical Sciences Division AS6252 EVOLUTION - Evolution On-Line Systems, Inc. AS6291 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS - Microsoft Corporation AS6292 LTT-EAST - Lightstream Transmission and Telecom Inc AS6293 ESKIMO - Eskimo North, Inc. AS6703 ALKAR-AS PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FARLEP-INVEST"AS6706 VOL-AS Volny a.s. AS6735 SDTNET AGAS6736 IRANET-IPM Research Center of Theoretical Physics & Mathematics (IPM)AS6737 METAWARE-AS Valvolari S.r.l AS6738 DRI DRI - Internet Service Provider AS6739 ONO-AS Cableuropa - ONOAS6740 TISCALI TS-Data s.r.o. AS6758 AS6758 MONACO TELECOMAS6759 FE-AS Future Electronics AS6761 INGATE CJSC Ingate Development AS6762 SEABONE-NET TELECOM ITALIA SPARKLE S.p. AS6763 JOSEBA-2 British Sky Broadcasting Limited AS6764 PERFTECH-SLOVENIA-AS PERFTECH, podjetje za proizvodnjo in uvajanje novih tehnologij, d.o.o. AS6785 CYBERCITY Telenor A/SAS6786 CRONON-BERLIN-AS CRONON AGAS6787 AGIX Strawberry EDV-Systeme Gmb HAS6788 ORC-AS Online Resource Center, ISPAS6789 CRELCOM-NET LLC "CRELCOM"AS6790 GTS-HUNGARY GTS Hungary Telecommunications Limited Liability Company AS6791 AIVANET Aivanet Autonomous System AS6793 TELIVO-AS TDC Oy Finland AS6794 ASN-HRTNET # AS-HRTNET CONVERTED TO ASN-HRTNET FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE HRT - Croatian Radio Television AS6797 PHONERA Phonera Networks ABAS6798 NET4YOU-AS Net4You Internet Gmb HAS6799 OTENET-GR Ote SA (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation)AS6801 Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center Kurchatovsky institute AS6802 UNICOM-B-AS NREN - Bulgaria AS6803 SWAN SWAN a.s. OHGAS6807 KHARKIV-AS National Technical University 'Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute'AS6808 TINET-ASIA-BACKBONE Tinet Sp A Asia Network AS6810 BEZEK "Bezeq"- THE ISRAEL TELECOMMUNICATION CORP. AS6811 Verizon Denmark A/SAS6813 FLEXNET Autonomous System AS6814 Tinet Sp AAS6815 ING-NL-AS ING Bank N. AS7007 FLIX - FL Internet Exchange AS7008 TIBA-AS - The Internet Business Association AS7009 QDECK-MDR - Quarterdeck Corp. AS7481 TWIX Data Communication Business Group AS7482 APOL-AS Asia Pacific On-line Service Inc.

AS592 DNIC-AS-00592 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS593 EASINET-AS1 Easinet Air Base AS594 LVLT594-598 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. Joseph's Health Centre AS823 UWO-AS - The University of Western Ontario AS824 GLAXOSMITHKLINE - Glaxo Smith Kline AS825 CFWS-NET - Canadian Forces Weather Services AS826 CRTC-GC-AS - CRTCAS827 ALCAN-AS - Alcan International Ltd., AS828 NLC-BNC-GC-AS - Library and Archives Canada AS829 SYGMA-INT-OR - Bell Sygma Systems Management AS830 SYGMA-INT-QR - Bell Sygma Systems Management AS831 SYGMA-EXT-OR - Bell Sygma Systems Management Inc. AS5055 WANET - Software Design Associates AS5056 INS-NET-2 - Iowa Network Services AS5057 XENITEC - GS1115AS5058 NRL-EXP - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS5059 STARPAGING - Star Paging, Inc. AS5612 HNHW8-AS Handelsweg8AS5613 DUBAIMERC-AE Dubai Mercantile Exchange AS5614 UUNET PIPEX UK MSN and DIAL ASAS5615 TISNL-BACKBONE Koninklijke KPN N. AS5699 ASN-AHRCNYC - AHRC New York City AS5700 XL-NET - MISHA, Inc. AS6438 OMINUX-NETWORK - Outwest Network Services Inc. AS6440 EMF-AS - AS6441 BIGBOOK - Big Book AS6442 GLOBALLINK-ASN - Global Link Information Network AS6443 EMANON - Emanon Service Corporation AS6444 SBSIB - Siemens Business Systems Intranet Backbone AS6445 SIEMENS-US - Siemens Corporation AS6446 SIEMENS-IPO - Siemens International Procurement Office AS6447 UOREGON-IX - University of Oregon AS6448 QAD - QAD, Inc. AS6468 EASYLINK Easy Link AS6469 ARTEMIS - Artemis Research AS6470 WEB2000-ASN - Web2000, Inc. AS6498 WEST-NGN - West Corporation AS6500 NIELSEN - Nielsen Interactive Network AS6501 SOUTHERNET - The Southern Company AS6502 INTEGRA-ELIX - Integra Telecom, Inc. AS6516 TRUENET - True Net Corporation AS6517 RELIANCEGLOBALCOM - Reliance Globalcom Services, Inc AS6518 CIX-GCCC - CIX, Inc. AS6587 AMICUS-ASN - Amicus Networks AS6588 IN-QUICK - Internet Quick Link Corporation AS6589 BTCPROD - Beneficial Technology AS6590 Supernet S. AS6595 MAGENTA-NETLOGIC-AS MAGENTA NETLOGIC LTDAS6596 ASN-BUNGI - Bungi Communications AS6597 AS-XILOGIX - Xilogix, LLCAS6598 COMMFUNCTION - Wired Waters, Inc. (ONLY2-DOM)AS7137 TELEMATIX/ ENITELAS7138 ENCOMPASS-ASN - Encompass Digital Media, Inc. AS7187 RITE-AS - Regional Internet Traffic Exchange AS7188 ETCNET-AS - Eastern Telelogic Corporation AS7189 DATALINK - Datalink Corporation AS7190 CYBORGANIC - Cyborganic Corporation AS7191 AS-7191 - Century Tel Internet Holdings, Inc.

AS832 SYGMA-EXT-QR - Beel Sygma Systems Management Inc. AS5060 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5061 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5062 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5063 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5064 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5065 NAVISITE-IE Navisite Ireland ASAS5066 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5067 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5068 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5069 CLEARBLUE-AS - Clear Blue Technologies AS5070 COMED - Co Med Communications AS5071 WESTEL-1 - Wes Tel Telecommunications AS5072 INDYNET - Indy Net AS5073 HPES - Hewlett-Packard Company AS5074 ASN-ATTELS - AT&T BMGSAS5075 ASN-ATTGMS - AT&T BMGSAS5076 UNICOM - Unicom Communications, Inc. Kiril i Metodij"AS5380 MONOLIT ISPAS5381 POWTECH-AS Power Tech Information Systems ASAS5382 TELESYSTEM-NET Planet Service Srl AS5383 Siemens AGAS5384 EMIRATES-INTERNET Emirates Telecommunications Corporation AS5385 RUSSMEDIA-IT Teleport Consulting & Systemmanagement Gmb HAS5386 COSMOS-SN-AS Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences AS5387 NSC Institute of Computational Technologies of SB RASAS5388 ENERGIS-AS Energis UKAS5389 EUROWEB Internet Service Provider Co. AS5701 HEALTH-ONE - Health One AS5702 GALAXY - Galaxy Networks (division of Kolacom, Inc.)AS5703 TIGERFUND - Tiger Management Coporation AS5704 CARIBE-NET - Caribbean Internet Service, Corp. AS5732 ACCESINDIANA - Sprint, Sprintlink Engineering AS5733 MONRO-1 - Monroe County AS5734 TIENETAS5735 GALT-TECHNO - Galt Technologies AS5736 VEL-AS - Velocity Networks, Inc. AS6430 DIGITALINK - Digital Ink AS6431 ATT-RESEARCH - ATT LABSAS6432 DOUBLELCICK-AS Dummy object for doubleclick AS6433 JLC - John Leslie Consulting AS6434 PIERPONTSECURITIES - Pierpont Securities LLCAS6435 TRI-NET-SOLUTIONS - Tri-Net Solutions LLC. AS6449 SPRINT-ISP - Sprint Multimedia Internet Division AS6450 PIXNET-AS - Providers Internet Exchange AS6451 ACCESSCOMNET - Access Com AS6452 WESTWORLD - Westworld Communications AS6453 GLOBEINTERNET TATA Communications AS6454 PIONET-NET - Pioneer Internet AS6455 TOMCO - Tomco Systems, Inc. and Greater Cinti Chamber of Commerce AS6519 KETCHUM KETCHUM LIMITEDAS6520 NOLA-INXP-1 - Inter Commerce Corporation AS6521 AROSNET - Aros Net, Inc AS6522 LEHIGH - Lehigh University AS6523 NETLINK207 - Net-Link Solutions AS6524 GXS-6524 - GXSAS6525 INFO-HIGHWAY - Info-Highway International, Inc AS6526 MAVERICK-BBS - King Communications AS6527 MASSACHUSETTS - Commonwealth of Massachusetts AS6528 WORLD-LYNX - World Lynx AS6529 PLAN-BAS6530 XENSEI - The Xensei Corporation AS6531 COFFEYCAN - Burlington USD #244AS6532 SGN - SGN, Inc. AS6599 ICCOM-ASN - Internet Communications AS6600 GHGNETASN - GHG Corporation AS6601 PAVLOVMEDIA-AS - Sol Tec, Inc. AS6608 ALIANT-AS - Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Inc. AS6610 INTERSTATE - Interstate Networking Corporation AS6611 MAGICCARPET - Magic Carpet/Roxy Systems, Inc. AS7139 BIZTRAVELCAM - AS7140 DIMCOM - AS7141 AUS-AS - Koltai Inc AS7142 AZSTARNET - TUCSON NEWSPAPERSAS7143 HHRASN - Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLPAS7144 VOYAGERONLINE - Voyager Online, LLCAS7145 MENO - Meno Inc. AS7192 VRIS-7192 - Verizon Online LLCAS7193 VRIS-7193 - Verizon Online LLCAS7194 BWP - City of Burbank AS7195 Telecorp Colombia S. AS7196 TRINET-AS - Tri Net Services AS7197 SMS - Siemens Medical Services AS7198 SCR - Siemens Corporate Research AS7199 Internet de Colombia S.

AS1328 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5788 HSSBC-PRIMARY - Vancouver Coastal Health AS5789 EZNET - E-Znet Incorporated AS5790 NETMARKET - CUC INTERNATIONALAS5791 CSI-GATEWAY-1 - Connectivity Solutions, Inc. AS6071 UNISYS-AS-E - Unisys Corporation AS6072 UNISYS-6072 For routing issues, email AS6073 ETI - KAPS, Inc AS6074 LIUNET - Long Island University AS6075 LM-CORP - Lockheed Martin Corporation AS6076 ERINET - Core Comm Internet Services Inc AS6077 BCBSNE - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska AS6078 JERSEY - Inter Active Network Services AS6079 RCN-AS - RCNAS6080 LINKNET-LA - Linknet Internet Services AS6081 AISNET - American Information Systems, Inc. AS6109 NDCORP-NET - National Data Corporation AS6110 BOXTOP - Box Top Entertainment AS6111 FHIS - Florida Hospital AS6112 AUBURN - Auburn University AS6113 GRIDNET - Grid Net International AS6114 CAPITAL-HOSPICE-VA - Capital Hospice AS6115 HTW - Harvard Net AS6116 WB-DUPLEX - Warner Bros. AS6644 PARSECWEB-AS - PARSECAS6645 OLEAN-GENERAL-HOSPITAL - OLEAN GENERAL HOSPITALAS6646 AETNA - Aetna AS6647 BITNAMES-ANYCAST - Solfo Inc. AS6821 MT-AS-OWN Makedonski Telekom AS6822 SUPERONLINE-AS Super Online autonomous system AS6823 CCCB 3C1B Telekomunikasyon ve Internet Hiz. AS6853 ORANGE-BUSINESS-SERVICES-SOUTHEUR Equant Inc. AS6854 SYNTERRA-AS CJSC Synterra AS6855 Slovak Telecom, a. AS6856 IC-VORONEZH-AS IC-VORONEZHAS6857 PTC-AS Saint-Petersburg State University AS6858 COMLINK-AS Comlink Ltd AS6859 KCP-AS DIGITAL CONTINUITY LIMITEDAS6860 IWAN-AS Saint-Petersburg State University, AS6861 ITALIA-ONLINE-AS Italia Online S.p. AS6904 ATT-ASIAPACIDC-SNG1-AS AT&T Webhosting Singapore IDCAS6905 ATT-EMEAIDC-AMS1-AS AT&T Webhosting Amsterdam IDCAS6906 GEANT-APOLLO Lattelecom AS6907 EBAY-DE-AS e Bay Gmb HAS6908 DATAHOP Datahop Ltd AS6910 DIALTELECOMRO Dial Telecom S. AS6942 CLARINET - Clari Net Communications Corporation AS6943 INFOTECHSYS - Information Technology Systems, Inc. AS6945 SVNet AS6946 ST-NETWORK-2 - American Messaging Services L. AS6950 LAMBDA - Lambda Telecom AS6951 CREDITCALL-NETWORKS - Credit Call Corporation AS6952 WMEX - World Merchandise Exchange AS6953 NETONLINE208 - Internet Marketing Solutions AS6954 NACS - New Age Consulting Service AS6955 DANDH - D&H Distributing Company AS6956 INTERACT-ASN1 - Inter Act Computer AS6957 TECNOLOGIA UNO-CERO, SA DE CVAS6958 DTS-WORLDWIDE - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6959 DTS-AFRICA - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6960 DTS-INTER-AMER - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6961 DTS-EAST-ASIAN - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6962 DTS-EUROPE - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6963 DTS-CANADA - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6964 DTS-NEAR-EAST - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6965 DTS-SOUTH-ASIAN - Diplomatic Telecommunications Services AS6966 USDOS - U. Department of State AS6967 AS6967 - MP4200 LLCAS6968 UNIFORUM-SAAS6969 N2K-ASN - N2K Inc. AS6983 ITCDELTA - ITC^Deltacom AS6984 NYNEX-AS - Verizon Data Services LLCAS6985 DIXON - Dixon Networking AS6986 ANGEL-NETWORKS - Angel Networks AS6987 AXIONINTERNET - Axion Internet Inc. AS7257 PREMIERE-GLOBAL-SERVICES-INC - Premiere Global Services, Inc. Genesis Corp AS7260 NORLIGHT - Norlight Telecommunications AS7261 JDEDWARDS - J D EDWARDS & COMPANYAS7262 BTN-THREE - Beyond The Network America, Inc. AS7264 SBCC - Santa Barbara Community College District AS7265 WOW-INTERNET - Wide Open West Finance LLCAS7266 INFOSEEK Africa INX created auth-num for AS7266AS7267 GLOBALCOMMERCE - Global Commerce Link, LLCAS7268 ATHENET - Athenet Internet Services AS7269 ONESOURCE - One Source Information Services, Inc AS7270 NET2PHONE - IDT Corporation AS7271 LOOKAS - Look Communications Inc. Net AS7425 DAI - Distribution Architects International AS7426 IPASS-AS - Hiway 2000, Inc. AS7463 GOPROTO-AS - Proto Technologies AS7464 I-WAYNET - I-Way Networks, Inc.

Text hookup numbers for free-35Text hookup numbers for free-24Text hookup numbers for free-9

AS91 RPI-AS - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute AS92 CLARKSON-AS - Clarkson University AS93 NTTA-93 - NTT America, Inc. AS252 DNIC-AS-00252 - Headquarters, USAISCAS253 NTTA-253 - NTT America, Inc. AS760 University of Vienna, Austria AS761 TIETORAITTI-AS Seinajoen Tietoraitti Oy AS762 WELLFLEET-AS - Wellfleet Communications, Inc. AS4972 UPS-AS4972 - UNITED PARCEL SERVICEAS4973 UPS-AS4973 - UNITED PARCEL SERVICEAS4974 GROVE-MRS Rawdon House AS4975 LASER-NET-BLOCK - Computer Tech Services, Inc.AS126 DNIC-AS-00126 - Do D Network Information Center AS127 JPL-AS127 - Jet Propulsion Laboratory AS128 ADS-AS - Advanced Decision Systems AS129 DNIC-AS-00129 - Do D Network Information Center AS130 CSOCNET-AS - Space Communications Division AS131 UCSB-NET-AS - University of California, Santa Barbara AS132 WPAFB-CSD-NET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS133 AFIT-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS134 CORONA-GW-AS - Fleet Analysis Center AS135 DNIC-AS-00135 - Do D Network Information Center AS136 AF-ASN-136 - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS137 ASGARR GARR Italian academic and research network AS138 DNIC-AS-00138 - Do D Network Information Center AS139 DNIC-AS-00139 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS140 DNIC-AS-00140 - Do D Network Information Center AS141 DNIC-AS-00141 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS142 DNIC-AS-00142 - Headquarters, USAISCAS143 OOG1-AS - 1881CS/XPCAS144 ATT-INTERNET - Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories AS145 VBNS - MCI Communications Corporation AS146 HQEIS-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS147 DNIC-AS-00147 - Do D Network Information Center AS148 DNIC-AS-00148 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS149 DNIC-AS-00149 - Do D Network Information Center AS150 DNIC-AS-00150 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS151 IND-NTC-AS - Hewlett-Packard Company AS152 SRI-ACCATT-AS - SRI International AS153 CTNOSC-ASN-153 - Headquarters, USAISCAS154 DNIC-AS-00154 - Headquarters, USAISCAS155 DNIC-AS-00155 - Do D Network Information Center AS156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS - Northeastern University AS157 INTELLIAUTON - Silicon Graphics International Corp. AS159 OSUNET-AS - The Ohio State University AS160 U-CHICAGO-AS - University of Chicago AS161 TI-AS - Texas Instruments, Inc. AS190 DNIC-AS-00190 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS191 DNIC-AS-00191 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS192 ROCHINSTTECH - Rochester Institute of Technology AS193 FORD-ASN - Lockheed Martin Western Development Labs AS194 NCAR-AS - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research AS195 SDSC-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS196 RISC-SYSTEM - Rockwell Scientific Company AS197 RAYTHEON-AS-2 - Raytheon Company AS198 DNIC-AS-00198 - Do D Network Information Center AS199 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS547 ASN-IBM-LEX - IBMAS548 HQUSAF-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS549 GTANET-AS - GTAnet Networking AS550 CORNETT-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS551 TIS-AS - Sparta, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS702 AS702 Verizon Business EMEA - Commercial IP service provider in Europe AS703 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS815 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4987 ALOHANET2 - Hawaii Online AS4988 ALOHANET1 - Hawaii Online AS4989 YUMESJDC01 - YUMEAS4990 ATTIS-ASN4990 - AT&T Internet Services AS4991 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4992 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4993 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4994 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4995 Netup S. AS4996 SBI - Citigroup AS4997 AFS-WEST - American Fiber Systems, Inc. AS5020 MEA - Mitsubishi Electronics AS5021 PACAF-GCCS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5022 FANEUIL - Faneuil Systems AS5023 FIREBALL - Publication Services AS5024 BRIDGE - Bridge Net, LCAS5025 ASN-DATABANK - Databank, Inc. AAS5409 TPL-ASN toplink Gmb HAS5410 ASN-BOUYGTEL-ISP Bouygues Telecom S. AS5411 CC-NET-ASAS5413 AS5413 Daisy Communications Ltd AS5414 Zynet Ltd AS5415 GU CJSC Global Ukraine AS5416 Batelco AS5417 DEMON-NL XS4ALL Internet BVAS5418 NERDNET-AS nerdnet AS5419 CUCI Cubic Circle B. AS5420 KEMNET Kemira Oyj AS5421 SU-NET-AS Sofia University "St. AS5461 OKB MEIAS5462 CABLEINET Virgin Media Limited AS5463 PERCEVAL Perceval S. AS5464 NETDISCOUNTER Netdiscounter Gmb H autonomous system AS5466 EIRCOM Eircom Limited AS5467 MIPT Non state educational institution "Educational Scientific and Experimental Center of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology"AS5468 URFU Yeltsin Ur FU, Ural Federal University AS5469 AGNET Ahlstrom Corporation AS5470 ASAUTHNET Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AS5471 SCI-NNOV scientific/educational network AS5472 CC Power Ltd AS5473 ASNORILSK Iterica LLCAS5474 TOBBETU-NET TOBB Economics and Technology University AS5475 Universitaet Hamburg AS5476 TU Hamburg-Harburg AS5477 Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg AS5478 GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht Gmbh AS5479 UNI-VILNIUS Kaunas University of Technology AS5480 R61NET State Educational institution for High professional education 'Southern Federal University'AS5481 ISET ISET Informatica AS5482 AS5482 Daisy Communications Ltd AS5483 HTC-AS Magyar Telekom Plc. (Ltd.)AS5485 LIMITLESS-AS Limitless Technical Dimensions AS5486 SMILE-ASN 012 Smile Communications LTD. AS5573 KRASNET-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS5574 TDC-SE TDC Sverige ABAS5575 TM-POP-FIAS5576 AKSHI Agjencia Kombetare Shoqerise se Informacionit AS5577 ROOT root SAAS5578 GTS-SK-AS GTS Slovakia, a.s. AS5618 DPI DP IRANAS5619 ERGO EVRY ASAS5620 ADRIAMEDIA-AS Adria Media ZAGREB d.o.o. AS5667 FASTNET2-ASN - You Tools Corporation/Fast Net AS5668 AS-5668 - Century Tel Internet Holdings, Inc. WORKS international ASAS5670 MONTEREY - Monterey Bay Internet AS5671 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5672 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5673 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5674 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5675 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5676 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5677 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5678 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5679 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5680 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5681 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5682 NETONE - Online Network Enterprises AS5683 MCBB - Mad City Broadband, Inc. AS5685 DRANET-NORTH - Data Research Associates, Inc. AS6475 KESMAI - Kesmai Corporation AS6476 MIWORLD - Micro-Integration Corporation AS6477 DIRECTMEDIA-AS - Direct Media, Inc. AS6479 MCHENRY - Mc Henry Com Company AS6480 LITLE - Litle Net, LLCAS6481 SWRI - Southwest Research Institute AS6482 SUPER-AS1 - Super Media LLCAS6483 DIGEX-AS3 - Digital Express Group, Inc. AS6504 NOVAGATE - Novagate Communications Corporation AS6505 EQUANT DO BRASILAS6506 HOYT - David H. AS6507 RIOT-NA1 - Riot Games, Inc AS6508 WARENETASN - Technicolor, Inc. AS7169 WALRUS - Walrus Internet AS7170 MANHA-20 - Manhattan West, LLCAS7171 BIOWAREONLINECA1 - Bio Ware Austin, LLCAS7172 IPSOFT-US-ASN2 - IPsoft AS7173 Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica AS7174 ONWARD-ASN - Onward Technologies, Inc.AS162 DNIC-AS-00162 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS163 IBM-RESEARCH-AS - IBM Almaden Research Center AS164 DNIC-AS-00164 - Do D Network Information Center AS165 DNIC-AS-00165 - Do D Network Information Center AS166 IDA-AS - Institute for Defense Analyses AS167 WESLEYAN-AS - Wesleyan University AS168 UMASS-AMHERST - University of Massachusetts AS169 HANSCOM-NET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS170 DNIC-AS-00170 - Do D Network Information Center AS171 SOX-RES - Southern Light Rail, Inc. AS552 DNIC-AS-00552 - Do D Network Information Center AS553 BELWUE Landeshochschulnetz Baden-Wuerttemberg (Bel Wue)AS554 CALINET-AS - California Internet Federation AS555 VTSII - Velocity Technology Solutions II, Inc. AS599 NISC-AS - SRI International AS600 OARNET-AS - OARnet AS601 BACOM4-AS - Bell Canada AS602 BACOM3-AS - Bell Canada AS603 BACOM2-AS - Bell Canada AS604 ONELAMBDA-INC - One Lambda, Incorporated AS605 VHS-CHIL - Vanguard Health Management, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS704 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS816 MOONV6 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4998 LANDE - The Lande Group AS4999 SPRINTIPDIAL - Sprint AS5000 IDT-AS IDT GLOBAL LIMITEDAS5001 SONIC - Sonicnet AS5002 BBSATLGA - Bell South Business Systems AS5003 GIGAN-2 - Insync Internet Services, Inc. AS5026 LVVWD - Las Vegas Valley Water District AS5027 ACSIL - Applied Computer Services AS5028 GATEWAYNORTH - Evergreen Technologies Corporation AS5029 VEGAS-NET - On Ramp Internet Computer Services AS5030 TAL - Transamerica Leasing AS5031 DNIC-AS-05031 - Do D Network Information Center AS5032 VARDE-PART Varde Partners Europe Ltd. AS5034 AS-STARNET - STAR Communications AS5035 CYNET - Web Net AS5036 WCA - Whalley Computer Associates AS5037 DNIC-AS-05037 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS5038 NSAN-DOM - Success Institutes, Inc. Kliment Ohridski"AS5422 Superonline Corporate Business Unit Autonomous System AS5423 ETELAT e Tel Austria AGAS5424 ATNET-AT ATnet AS5425 SPIDERNET Spider Net Services Public Ltd AS5426 SUNRISE-MOBILE Sunrise Communications AGAS5427 PRTL-DE Primus Telecommunications Gmb H, Germany AS5428 ECL-AS Energis Communications Ltd AS5429 IIP-NET-AS5429 "UMOS CENTER" LLCAS5430 FREENETDE freenet Datenkommunikations Gmb HAS5431 FG-CORE OOO FREEnet Group AS5432 BELGACOM-SKYNET-AS Belgacom regional ASNAS5433 ROKSON-AS VEROLINE Ltd AS5434 NURSAT-ALA-AS JSC Nursat AS5435 VELCOM-AS Velcom d.o.o. AS5487 Elisa Oyj AS5488 BELGACOM Belgacom AS5489 TEI-THES Technological and Educational Institute of Thessaloniki AS5490 CZ-TERMINAL Nextra Czech Republic s.r.o. AS5495 ASN-SPBGU Saint-Petersburg State University AS5496 WIREHUB Easynet Nederland B. AS5497 ZERO Nethead Ltd AS5498 UNIBEL-AS UNIBELAS5499 Cybernet Italia S.p. AS5500 CQM-AS Colloquium Limited AS5501 FRAUNHOFER-CLUSTER-BW Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der angewandten Forschung e. AS5502 NATO SACLANT Undersea Research Centre AS5503 RMIFL RM Education PLCAS5504 LOGOSNET Logosnet Services Limited AS5507 HU-BIX-AS Council Hungarian Internet Provider AS5508 WJQS-AS LLC "Jasmin International"AS5510 Italia Com Consortium AS5511 OPENTRANSIT Orange S. AS5513 TMH T-Mobile Hungary Telecommunications Company Limited by Shares AS5514 Pi Soft Network Solutions Srl AS5515 TS-FINLAND-DATANET-OLD TS Finland Data Net AS5516 INESC INESC - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores PCUPAS5517 CSL CSL Computer Service Langenbach Gmb H ASAS5518 TELIALATVIJA Telia Latvija SIAAS5519 AS5519 Daisy Communications Ltd AS5520 UNI-KOELN Universitaet zu Koeln AS5521 MCS-CITYLINE MCS Moorbek Computer Systeme Gmb HAS5522 OMNITEL OMNITEL Net AS5523 RMT CJSC "CREDO-TELECOM"AS5524 BREEDBANDNEDERLAND Breedband Nederland B. AS5525 DU-AS2 Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSCAS5526 WR-PL-AS Telekomunikacja Internetowa Sp. AS5579 MIDRAY-AS Midray Gmb HAS5580 ATRATO Atrato IP Networks AS5581 EHIS-ASAS5582 MICROSOFT NETWORK IN FRANCEAS5583 ORANGE-BUSINESS-SERVICES-BENELUX Orange S. AS5584 Computer centre AS5585 IIX-ASN Israel Internet Association AS5586 MCI-INT Verizon UK Limited AS5587 BUSINESSSERVE Legend Communications plc. AS5589 MUNBANK-AS Novosibirsk Municipal bank AS5591 MARTELCOM-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS5592 CONCOM-AS Con Com Ltd (Kharkov, Ukraine)AS5593 CRIS-AS Crimean Internet Service AS5594 LHSYSHU Lufthansa Systems Hungaria AS5595 Netway AGAS5596 TMH T-Mobile Hungary Telecommunications Company Limited by Shares AS5597 INTENSIVE Business Serve plc AS5598 NETLUX-AS Teleradiocompany Nadezhda Ltd AS5599 UUNET-DK Verizon Denmark A/SAS5600 TCPNET-AS Total Connectivity Providers Ltd AS5601 Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan AS5602 KPNQwest Italia S.p.a AS5603 SIOL-NET Telekom Slovenije d.d. AS5686 AOL-5686 - Compu Serve Interactive Services, Inc AS5687 AA-NET - Alternate Access Inc. AS6484 EASYLINK Easylink AS6485 TDSC1-ASN - Track Data Corp AS6486 NEWREACH - New Reach Communications AS6487 Cyber Net de Guatemala S. AS6488 FASTQ-0 - Arizona Macintosh Users Group AS6489 INOW-AS - Network Solutions, Inc. AS6509 CANARIE-NTN - Canarie Inc AS6510 BYU - Brigham Young University AS6511 STRATANET - Strata Com, Inc. AS6558 SKYGATE - DIVERSIFIED COMMUNICATIONS INCAS6559 NCIH - State of NC - State Telecommunications Services AS6560 GEMAS6561 CH-MAN-ASN - CH Management Services, LLCAS6562 INBOXMARKETER - Inbox Marketer Corporation AS6563 NECANET - NECAnet, Inc. AS6573 MPATH - MPATH Interactive AS6574 DWG-ASN - Worldview Systems AS6575 WISEASN - Wilmington Internet Service Enterprises, Inc. AS7125 Universidad de Monterrey AS7126 UNITEDMEDIA - United Media AS7127 SCE - Southern California Edison AS7128 SABRE-AS-3 - Sabre Inc. AS7151 BAYAREA-AS - Bay Area Internet Solutions AS7152 REDCROSS-ASN - American Red Cross AS7153 ASN-NEPOOL - NEW ENGLAND POWER POOLAS7154 FDDNET-ASNAS7155 WB-DEN2 - Viasat Communications Inc. AS7175 ERX-AUSSIE Pty Limited AS7176 GTEIEUROPE-AS Level 3 Communications AS7177 DFWNET - DFW Internet Services, Inc. AS7179 PCSERVICE - PC Service Source AS7180 HILINESWHITESTAR - Hi Line Internet Services, Inc.di Studi Avanzati AS1353 SISSA-AS2-AS Scuola Internazionale Sup. AS7585 TELWATER-AS-AP Telwater/Quintrex AS7586 PDOX-AS-AP Paradox Digital Pty Ltd AS7587 ACCESSNETWORKS DA-NET:: Data: Digital: Dialing: ACCESSNET:: IDAS7588 PUBNET-TH-AS Thailand Public backbone Network AS7589 TELIANET-AS Telia Net Hongkong AS7590 COMSATS Commission on Science and Technology for AS7591 DOVE-AUST-AS-AP DOVE Australia Pty Ltd AS7592 COMCEN-AS P. Box 336AS7594 ONQNETWORKS-AS-AP On Q Networks AS7595 READYNET-AS-AP Readyspace Network Pte Ltd, Hosted Solutions Provider, Singapore AS7596 IIR-TH-AS-AP Internet Information Research AS7597 IIX-AS-AP Indonesia Internet Exchange AS7598 WEBSENSE-HOSTED-APAC Websense Hosted Security - Asia Pac region AS7599 AMSNET-NZ-AP Advanced Management Systems Ltd AS7600 ESCAPE-NET-AS AS7601 NETLINK-AS-AP Australian Net Link AS7602 SPT-AS-VN Saigon Postel Corporation AS7603 OMEN-AS-AP Omen Internet AS7604 ZETTANET-AS Zetta AS7605 STARWON-AS-AP Starwon Internet AS7606 WAIA-AP Western Australian Internet Association AS7607 CA-AS-AP Commerce Australia AS7608 MERLIN-AS-AP Merlin Australia AS7609 AOL-AS-AP Ace on Line AS7610 NUS-GP-AS-AP NUS Gigapop AS7611 WNETWORK-AS-AP W NETWORK Inc, AS7612 STARNET-AS-AP Starnet Internet Services P/LAS7613 DATALINETHAI-AS-AP Data Line Thai Co., LTD.di Studi Avanzati AS1354 NEXT-ASN-AS - Ne XT Software, Inc AS1355 AHMSI-HQDC - American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. Internet Service Provider AS7614 ASIAINTERNET-AS-AP Asia Internet Limited, Hong Kong AS7615 FORTANA-AS-AP Fortana Networks Australia Pty Ltd AS7616 JINET-BKK-AS-AP Jasmine Internet Co, Ltd.AS0 -Reserved AS-AS1 LVLT-1 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS4948 AIX-NET - Alpha Internet AS4949 UCINET-EIGRP - University of California at Irvine AS4950 ASN-SPRN-NYSERNET1 - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS4951 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET2B - SPRINT, Business Serices Group AS4952 CAPECOD - Intramedia AS4953 BCPL - Baltimore County Public Library AS4954 CARR - Carroll County Government AS4955 NDL - Network Datalink, Inc.